6 Keys To Turn Your Talent Into A Business

6 Keys To Turn Your Talent Into A Business

If you have plans on becoming great they say success leaves clues; this implies, great people have a common denominator.They are those who discovered their talent and then showcase that talent to the world in a “new” and creative way.
It is not about doing something completely brand new but doing something that’s been done before, in a “new” and unique way because there’s nothing new under the sun.

Take Thomas Edison the inventor of the everyday light bulb as an example; many scientist of his day knew that a heated piece of carbon filament would produce a light.  However, the light would only last for a brief moment.
…So what did Edison do?
Did Edison come up with a new idea?  No; Edison improved upon an existing idea through creativity and concentration, by finding a carbon filament that would burn for over 1500 hours if enclosed in an oxygen free case.  It wasn’t a new idea, but his improvement on an existing idea made him great, while most people don’t even remember who invented the first electric light bulb.  It was Humphry Davy back in 1800, in case you were wondering. So how do you turn a talent into a business?

1.  Believe In Your Ability

The understanding of your nature will lead you to discover your talent. Therefore, learn more about yourself. Think about what you enjoy. The things that make you happy can also reveal your talent. Note down any activities or hobbies which you have enjoyed doing in the past. What did you like doing when you were a child, or a teenager, and as an adult? What do you enjoy doing now?

2.  Polish Your Talent Into A Skill

To master your abilities, you need to set goals for yourself, create a schedule, develop effective time management and critical thinking.”No matter what you may set your sights on doing or becoming, if you want to be a contender, it’s mastering the ability to learn that will get you in the game and keep you there.” -H.L. Roediger in Make It Stick

3.  Understand Your Market

There is no marketing function more vital than understanding one’s audience and what the market says. Before you start your business, spot current and upcoming problems in your target market (a target market is defined as a specific group of potential buyers for which a business positions its products and services ) by conducting a Market Research .Use the data to inform your marketing strategy. 

4.  Be Prepared

You want to make sure you prepare thoroughly before starting a business. Think about what your talent and skill set will solve. It’s a lot easier to gain a solid customer base when your business is fixing a problem. Further, have a plan and a mission statement. It’s hard to do your job if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want. Keep it simple. Start small and grow.

5.  Be Consistent

Productivity is predicated on consistency, so make a conscious decision to remain consistent.To be consistent, you have to replicate positive behavior or performance day after day.If you want to achieve your desired outcomes, you must build consistency into your plan. Confront and get rid of barriers that will prevent you from achieving your goal. Focus on incremental improvement.

6.  Stay Focus

Learning how to stay focused is an essential skill to help you achieve your goals faster. To stay focused throughout the day and remain productive, it’s important to build healthy habits; Organize your workspace,set up your day the night before, be the boss of your time, get rid of distractions, establish a to-do list, set up your work environment, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and be mindful. 

“We begun in 2014 as a specialty digital publishing firm working with clients from around the world on diverse publishing projects. Over the years we have refined our core mandate and focus on resources centered on general wellness, personal development, entrepreneurship, financial literacy and eco-friendly solutions. Stay LIT!”

– Litmux.com

The problem is that many talented people are afraid to take action, even with marketable skill, because of fear of failure. Just like a seed, you have everything you need on the inside of you to succeed. You just need to put yourself in the right environment so you can grow and become all that you were destined to become. 

Do you love to sing, fix broken things, talk to people, or sell?  Whatever it is, you must focus your attention on doing it to the best of your ability.  Give that dominant talent your focus, and allow it to develop through training.  Given enough time, and enough focus, we will become great.

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