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Connecting Strategies & Performance Measurement

Operations Management: Connecting Strategies And Performance Measurement. How IoT, Six Sigma And Lean Is Changing Operations Management

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For many businesses there is one bottom line, and that is to increase profit margins. So when inefficient operations eat into the very reason for a business’s existence you can be sure that management will do almost anything in their power to stop anything that might lead to poor margins. In recent times, companies of all sizes are introducing technology and strategies to keep up with globalization. Technologies such as IoT, Six Sigma and Lean is changing Operations Management forever because a successful operations management, must add value during the transformation process.

Operations management is all about the tools and techniques a manufacturing firm uses to ensure a smooth, effective production process. If the company provides services, operations administration indicates to top leadership the factors that can prop up customer loyalty and sales. 
This Book “Operations Management” will be of a great help to you. Enjoy!

Published by LITMUX

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