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Global Economic Development And Prosperity

Wealth Of Nations: Global Economic Development And Prosperity. How Money And The Economy Of Nations Work

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Economic growth is often seen as essential for economic prosperity, and indeed is one of the factors used as a measure of prosperity. The value of most currencies is closely tied to the economy of the county.

Have you ever wondered why almost every country prints their own currencies, yet economic crises arise within the county? What is the difficulty for the government in printing the money?
Why do some countries need to take debt from other countries when they are self-responsible for printing money? 

There are so many principles that govern the prudency or the rightness in printing currency by the authorities. A currency note is technically a bearer promissory note, where in the issuing authority promises to pay the bearer the value of it whenever demanded. 

This classic Book -The Wealth Of Nations: will be of a great help in answering critical questions regarding Central Bank Operations, Wealth Distribution and GDP.  Enjoy !

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