The Speed & Future Of Digital Transformation

Informatics: The Speed Of Digital Transformation. How Big Data, Information Systems And Computer Science Is Changing Our World, The Future Is Here

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Digital technology is rapidly transforming organizations, industries and our society at a very fast rate. This is the day and age of informatics. An era, where the world has become a smaller place and people are looking to make it even smaller.

Take the burgeoning field of health informatics for example, a specialization that combines communications, information technology, and health care to improve patient care, it’s at the forefront of the current technological shift in medicine.

Nowadays, the formula for business success is simple: drive innovation with informatics. Organizations both large and small use computers for production records, financial planning, research on technical issues and procurement.

Today, computer applications and the global brain have switched on active learning and improved how fast people learn new things. According to the Flynn Effect, general IQ has begun to rise since the 1930s. The average IQ has risen from 80 points to 100 points. Things are becoming easier now even as people are becoming smarter and informatics in education is reflecting that change as well.

This Book “Informatics” will be of a great help to you. Enjoy!

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